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Working hard in school can pay off in the long run! This why we want you to have all the resources possible to help you be successful! This page is split up by categories like SAT advice, scholarships, studying hacks, resume help, and other important dates. If you are a senior you'll want to scroll down to the important dates section to learn more about when dates are due.


Important Dates

Below is a calendar with important dates such as regular decision and early action decision deadlines, notifications of the FAFSA opening, and SAT dates and registration details. To stay on top of your deadlines, make sure to copy the essential and relevant events to your own calendar(which you can do by clicking the event).

SAT Tips and Tricks

Why are they important?

Many colleges require you to submit either your SAT or ACT score, making it a requirement to apply. This makes taking the SAT a must. Many schools use SAT scores to narrow decisions on who is and not accepted. Because many high schools across the US vary in difficulty and class options, the SAT is really the only way to measure aptitude for students across the nation. A good SAT score will set you apart from other students who are applying for the same scholarships as you. Depending on what school you're applying to your SAT score may be less or more important. Big schools will likely place more of an emphasis and may even have cut off scores. Smaller colleges, like liberal arts schools, will have more of a holistic review. Holistic review is when a college looks at all parts of your application as if they have equal value rather than placing a higher emphasis on one piece (like the SAT). Now that you understand why working hard to achieve a good score is essential, let's move on to what steps to take.

How to improve my score?


Do I have to use my SAT scores?

No you absolutely do not! Many of the wonderful schools I applied to did not even require the SAT. Though there are not quite as many as SAT-requiring schools, you should most definitely apply if you don't feel too confident about your scores. Schools know that you are more than a number! Learn more about options for going test optional below.


How much you pay for college can make a significant impact on what colleges you apply to and ultimately what you choose. Here at College Plus, we recommend that you always apply no matter what you think the net price maybe because you never know what financial opportunities you will have to support you. Below are some tips for finding and applying for scholarships.


Studying Hacks

Staying on top of your grades is essential, and studying is the best way to do that! Studying is really a matter of figuring out what works and doesn't work for you. If you don't already, get a planner and keep track of all the important dates for your classes like tests and other weighted assignments. Check your grades often and early! You really don't want to reach the end of a term and be surprised by your grades. To make sure I would always get the grades I wished I would use the Ben Eggleston Calculator. That way I could anticipate how much studying I would need to do to get the grade I wanted.

Below we have put some of our favorite Spotify playlists to get you started along with a youtube playlist with some other helpful hacks.


Resume Help