Where do you reside?

This will give colleges a better understanding where to recruit!

What state would you like to go to school in? (Select up to 3)

Staying in-state will allow you to access lower tuition fees for public schools and allow you to visit your family more often. However, moving out of state will allow for more independence and adventure, giving you more freedom to explore new cities and states!

What kind of degree do you want to achieve?

The degree you choose will alter how much school you do and what jobs you will be eligible for. A good idea is to look up the job description of your dream job and see what kind of degree they require. Most professional companies will require at least a Bachelor's degree.

What kind of field are you interested in?

If you select one of these we will let you know what schools at least have one major in this field

Do you want to go to a Historically Black College ?

Historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, are schools that were founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to a college education. HBCUs provide a first rate education while providing a diverse and inclusive classroom.

Do you want to go to all women's college?

All women colleges provide a space where women are supported and represented in all occupations and areas of study and where students can build a network of supportive female peers.

How big do you want your college to be ?

Smaller colleges or universities will most likely offer smaller classes and a better chance to get to know you peers while bigger colleges or universities will offer more opportunities but may prove more of a challenge when getting to know your peers.

What is your ACT score?

What is your SAT score?

In which range is your household income?

We want to show you the amount to expect to pay given how much your parents make.